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What a paper cutter means to printing industry

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A roll paper-cutting machine is used for cutting reel paper into single or multi- sheets; also for trimming off irregular or incorrect edges.
The importance of the paper-cutting machine can hardly be overestimated. The correct position of the printed matter, the widths of head, tail, and fore edge may be destroyed by careless cutting. Friendly cooperation with every department is necessary to produce good work. No matter how fine the printing and color work is, if the margins are uneven and the folds mismatched, then the resulting air of slovenliness discredits the entire work. The final touch that gives the character to a piece of printed matter is the way it is trimmed.
Modern power automatic-clamp cutting machines, in spite of the high speed of their operation, are able to cut with absolute accuracy. Perhaps on no other machine will a little careful study return so large a profit in dollars and cents.

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